The rock/soul act has been one of the city’s top draws for a few years now, but watching them hammer through “Austin City” and sell instrument breakdowns as inescapable highlights indicates they’ve figured out something about working a room. It’s like they’re playing to the crowd precisely on their terms — big terms — instead of responding to particular ebbs and flows. That’s something major music festival acts do.
— Chance Solem-Pfeifer

Left to right: Ludwing Siebenhor, Michael Rogers, Ishma Valenti, Zach Watkins, Trey Shotkoske, John Fucinaro. Photo by Carleen Gleen


The Fey is an American Rock/Soul sextet out of Lincoln, NE. Producing fresh sounds within the waves of new age blues, all while holding true to the roots. The band has created three EP's under the alias "AZP", but have recently made a name change to, The Fey.


The Fey

Zach Watkins
Lead Vocals/Keys

Ishma Valenti

Trey Shotkoske

Michael Rogers
Lead Guitar

Ludwing Siebenhor
Rhythm Guitar/Vocals

John Fucinaro Bass