Into The Studio We Go

     The time has come. Time to start recording our 4th EP, our first as a signed recording artist with The Record Machine out of Kansas City, MO. The stars are aligning, and things have really started to slide into motion for us. 

     Before the new deal even came about, I started writing and producing new music before we left for SXSW earlier this year. After a year and some change since the release of Triangles, I knew it was time again for some new music and the sparks started flying. A month or so in I had already sketched out about 12 songs, and had a good 5 I knew I really wanted the band to begin working with. Months down the road we signed our contract, and we’re already set to hit the studio - November 4th at Silver Street Studio with James Fleege. 

     The collaboration between Silver Street and Fleege and AZP has been long over due. As some of you may already know, James (or Raw Dawg as we call him) played bass for us during our first break out EP, Red Moon, and the 2015 Red Moon Tour. And as some of you may also already know, the guy is seriously a beast of a musician and one of the smoothest bass players we’ve heard. With his credentials and his strong knowledge of AZP, our sound, our image, and our vision, James is the perfect guy for recording/producing our new EP. 

     I’m still leaning on a couple different album titles, and as for artwork it’s still just a sketch kept in mind, but after a meeting with our manager the other day about label needs and schedule, it looks like I’ve better start getting all that in motion as well. I truly do love this side of forming an album. All the art and tangible design work only helps form the true vision and story of a record more. And with this one being our first vinyl project it’s going to be a f**king sweet process. 

     Anyways, I don’t want to take too much of everyone’s time. I do want to thank you all once again for being subscribers and staying up on AZP news and this exciting new position we’re in. There will be more news, more chats, and a lot of video behind the scenes during this new album process so please make sure to keep your ears and eyes open around our social media and such. 

Much love,

-Zach, AZP

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