The End of "AZP"...

At times, even the good things reach their ending point. Luckily for us, it’s just a band name.

Yes, yes, it’s finally happening. Believe it or not, I’ve pondered this thought - this decision for years. 4-5 years ago, since AZP began to mold even deeper into its Rock-Soul foundation, the name and brand I created for me and my best friend’s production duo was beginning to lose its meaning - it's value for today’s unit. At almost every show, and/or interview, someone would ask the question, “What does “AZP” stand for?” I’d watch my band mates glare off with a smirk as I contemplated whether to give them the full historic meaning, or hit them with, “It really doesn’t mean anything now. Just an old name I created for me and my friend a while back. It just stuck with us.” Eventually, that just wasn’t enough for me and the guys anymore.

A little background, just in case you never knew. I never ever saw myself as a front man, a lead singer. Heck, there were times I was too shy and awkward to show up to recording sessions with musicians, let alone perform in front of crowds. My goal back in the day was to make instrumentals, song write, and produce music for other artists. My high school days were massively inspired by Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo of The Neptune’s. I partnered up with a friend of mine who had the same interest. His name was Anthony, my name is Zach, and together we produced music. “A to Z Productions”, otherwise known as “AZP”. After years of finding ourselves, both musically and in life itself, AZP molded into what some would call a music collective. 7 or so separate artist/musicians under the same umbrella, produced and recorded with that same style and sound that AZP created. Once again, life hit. People evolve, people adjust, and some even find it hard to grow and/or mold with the changes. AZP was continuing to reach for more real musical value, whether it be lyrically and/or instrumentally. All the records of Soul, Rock, R&B, and Jazz artists I grew up on, began to naturally take its course. I could no longer fight the fact that The Eagles and Stevie Wonder inspired me more than what the Billboards Top 40 was spinning. From there on a band of live instrumentation was put together and things began to vastly rocket off from there.

What’s cool about this unit is that we’re truly all old-school cats at heart. Not only do we love and value smooth classic music, but we’re not ones to get easily sucked into the trendy pandemoniums of today. We suck at Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, and if it weren’t for seeking to promote our music, we’d run from Facebook, too. It’s not a gimmick, it’s truly just who we are. We spent our shallow nights drinking whiskey and chasing women who paid us no mind in high school. We pay way more attention to cultural and political injustice, to racism, and prejudices, than any gossip entertainment news. We’ve rebelled and consistently bumped our heads throughout our lives, our relationships due to upbringing or even bloodline. They say the shy and whimsical always tend to come out of their shells at some point, and when they do, it could be trouble. Troubled... Definitely walked a path of worldliness, yet visionaries enough to seek better for our futures. That’s “Fey". And there it is, AZP is now “The Fey”.

I never even knew that word existed until I came across it in a statement said in the BBC drama, Peaky Blinders. Instantly I looked it up, ran to my girlfriend, and said “I think I finally found our new band name.” I sat around in a stare for a few hours repeating it in my head, reciting it as if some radio DJ was announcing a record of ours. Even after all that, I still was a bit unsure. Not about the band name, but asking myself, “Do I really want to get rid of “AZP” and deal with this process of changing our name?” After sleeping on it, I woke up the next morning feeling for sure. I hopped on Indesign, and started flushing out the old typography skill, just to see how it would look on paper, on t-shirts, and on a vinyl cover. “The Fey"... It took a slight bit of convincing our new label to hop fully on board. I mean, I get it, it’s a long process dealing with a name change, especially one that was promoted for years. And it’s a lot of behind the scenes work to get everything switched around and caught up to speed. People see us around as “AZP”, and it’s going to be a bit of a journey to get that out of folks mind. But we’re up for it. Because again, this name change is simply for the better. Another amazing chapter in our autobiography as musicians started the day we recently signed our first recording contract as a band; started recording our newest EP with plans to be released this Spring... all under a new name.

-Zach, The Fey

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