Strawberry Lemonade

Don’t let The Fey’s new EP title Strawberry Lemonade fool you; this record is no light beach drink. Rather, it’s a cocktail of the molotov variety, the kind you’ll want to toss into the middle of your ‘songs that rock’ summer playlist. From the opening salvos of ‘Contender’, to the slow burn of ‘Bones Underwater’, to the final soothing swells of ‘The Cool’, Strawberry Lemonade is a masterclass in modern songwriting, arrangement, instrumentation, and production.
— Charles Hull, Founder and Managing Director, Silver Street | Silver Street Records


Picture Redding and Santana together, cruising the streets of Mexico City in an old ‘64 Impala. Triangles turns the gloomy chill of the blues into a summer fiesta. Latin infused rock-soul has never sounded so fresh.
— - Philip Zach, Founder, Producer and Engineer, The Grid Studio


Pure nostalgia. From the sounds of analog noise and pedal feedback in the openings of each record, to the exploration of real vintage instruments and old school mic’ing techniques, Red Moon shines bright on classic rock-soul. Its socially conscious awareness in songs like ‘Save Yourself’ and ‘Tide On The Shore’ and sexy blues appeal in ‘No Religion’ and ‘The Lone Wolf’ continue that 60’s-70’s rock star mindset music fans love to tap into.
— - Kent Wolgamott, Entertainment Journalist, Lincoln Journal Star